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How long before product launch do I need to hire sales people?

The answer to this question varies by industry and even more by product pricing. In Medical Sales, a product that is considered a capital purchase takes an average of 12 months for final close. These can take even longer for a smaller company that may not have the clinical or economic data to support the purchase. Now add the training and on-boarding of your sales team and it is easy to get behind in the desired timeline to have your product being used by your customer.

At a minimum, you want sales engaged soon enough to be able to get you started in the arduous process that is part of medical sales. If you do not have a company representative that is familiar with selling into a healthcare environment you will encounter unexpected delays that prevent your product from getting into your customers hands.

Medical consulting can be a great option for companies that are entering a sales process but may not warrant the expense and commitment of a full time sales team. A consultant can also help you to build a sales team or provide executive guidance to an existing team. With a consulting team, you also gain the benefit of experience without the high cost of hiring a tenured medical professional.

Medical sales is more than bringing your product direct to your customer. Experienced medical professionals can anticipate requests and navigate the process. The process was designed to prevent entry of new products without substantial proven clinical and economic value. That value is built over time but you do not have to wait if you bring in sales at the right time.

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