A real world approach to consulting

Whether you are engaging customers for an initial product launch or you are ready to cross the chasm to commercial success, we can help you make the climb.


We are passionate about helping start-ups and scale -ups achieve their goals.  We understand that you want to get a high value for your investment.  We have experienced the ebbs and flows of an early company entering the market.  We are here to help, as little or as much as needed.  Full transparency and no "nickle and diming" your business.  Capitalize on the benefit of experience without bringing on additional headcount and overhead.


Gain a network







With Ascend, you not only gain experience, you gain access.  Decades of experience and connections that can get you access to your target audience.  Connecting to your ideal customer will shape your product and your strategy.

This is such an exciting time for your business.  The opportunities to connect with your customers are tremendous.  The ability to quickly adapt to the market demands.  The excitement and flexibility of working in a space with infinite possibility.  NOW is the time to capitalize and turn your business into a high performing organization.  Decisions you make today will be with you for years to come.  Make your strategy and value clear for your potential and future customers.

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